Greeting at the resignation from a president

To WUB Tokyo members

I resigned from a president of WUB Tokyo in which I had served since February 1999 as my term of office expired. Mr. Nagamine, present chief secretary, took over my position.

In assigned terms, I participated in WUB International Conferences at 5 times in Los Angeles, Okinawa, Tokyo, Bolivia, Hawaii, and in next 2 years, we plan to have great conferences held in Sounth America (Argentina and Peru).

I value both South America and Hawaii because both regions are considered origins of WUB.
No person as a president of “WUB Tokyo” other than Mr. Nagamine, who has roots in South America and alumnus of Banco do Brasil, can take significant leadership in this new, critical period. Please give your continuous support to Mr.Nagamine as same as you did for me.

Most memorable thing in assigned terms was (fifth) WUB International Conference held in Tokyo on October 2001, which I organized, gaining great support from many members and overcoming a shock of terrorism occurred at September 11.

I sincerely appreciate your supports which always back me up, especially during the time of above International Conference. Even after I resigned, I would be happy to support Mr. Nagamine, new president, as a member and the Supreme Supervisor.
For your reference, I would stop delivery of mail magazine messages including “Monday Morning Message” and “Column of the Week” after the resignation.

Again, thank you very much for your support.

April 23, 2004
WUB Tokyo, Tatsuya Shigeta

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