Greeting at the assumption of a presidency

To WUB Tokyo members

Spring comes as fresh green leaves grow brilliantly.
I wish you and your family’s good health and happiness.

At April 22, 2004, supported by committee members, I took over a presidential position after Mr. Shigeta resigned, who had served as an excellent leader for 2 consecutive terms since a launching stage of WUB Tokyo.

Although Mr. Shigeta who is an intelligent entrepreneur, had outperformed in his terms, I, as a new president, strongly aspire to contribute to our organization in a spirit of cordiality and with a forward-looking, Latin nature. I also hope to receive great support from members to promote WUB Tokyo activities.
Your opinion, idea, suggestion, or active involvement for development of WUB Tokyo would be welcomed as always.

Lastly, I highly appreciate Mr. Shigeta, my predecessor, for outstanding dedication and contribution to “WUB Tokyo” for long periods. It would be a great pleasure to receive your advice and I would expect you to continually supervise members as a supreme advisor.

Oscar Nagamine

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