About WUB Tokyo

What is WUB?

WUB(Worldwide Uchinanchu Business Association) is an organization which promotes friendship and network among people who have roots or interests of Okinawa through business and cultural exchanges and social activities.
WUB also aims to contribute to regional development (including Okinawa), encouraging its members to cooperate with each other.

WUB was established in 1997 at the “1st Worldwide Uchinanchu Business Conference” held in Honolulu(sponsored by the Bank of the Ryukyus Foundation, East-West Center and The Ryukyu Shimpo). The purpose of establishment was integrating over 300 thousands people who have pioneered all over the world since the immigration to Hawaii in 1899.
This establishment was led by a founder, Mr. Robert Nakasone.

Central core of WUB activities all over the world is “WUB International” (headquarter: Sao Paulo, Brazil) Since WUB's establishment in 1997, 12 branches in South America, North America, Hawaii, Asia, and Europe have been established with more than 450 membership. Governor of Okinawa accepted as Honorary Chairperson of WUB.

“WUB International” has annually organized WUB International Conference in 9 regions (Brazil, Los Angeles, Okinawa, Tokyo, Bolivia, Hawaii, Argentina, Osaka, Peru, and Shanghai) since 1st meeting held in Hawaii in 1997.
One of great benefits WUB can bring is to enhance friendship and reliance among worldwide members through participating in such International conferences.

What is WUB Tokyo?

“WUB Tokyo” was established in 1999 and more than 70 members, with a great diversity backgrounds and professionals, have enjoyed involved in its activities. Many members of WUB Tokyo are individual members with high IT skills, and contribute to its activities by utilizing website as a communicational tool. This is one of community strengths of WUB Tokyo.

We welcome anyone who agree with WUB’s policy and the door is always opened for you, regardless of race, nationality, gender, age, occupations, and religion.
We are waiting for you who aspire to grow as a business person, give us impetus, and broaden your horizon in international setting.

WUB Tokyo office
Contact : FAX +81- 20-4623-5326

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