About WUB Tokyo

What is WUB?

WUB(Worldwide Uchinanchu Business Association) is an organization which promotes friendship and network among people who have roots or interests of Okinawa through business and cultural exchanges and social activities.
WUB also aims to contribute to regional development (including Okinawa), encouraging its members to cooperate with each other.

WUB was established in 1997 at the “1st Worldwide Uchinanchu Business Conference” held in Honolulu(sponsored by the Bank of the Ryukyus Foundation, East-West Center and The Ryukyu Shimpo). The purpose of establishment was integrating over 300 thousands people who have pioneered all over the world since the immigration to Hawaii in 1899.
This establishment was led by a founder, Mr. Robert Nakasone.

Central core of WUB activities all over the world is “WUB International” (headquarter: Sao Paulo, Brazil) Since WUB's establishment in 1997, 12 branches in South America, North America, Hawaii, Asia, and Europe have been established with more than 450 membership. Governor of Okinawa accepted as Honorary Chairperson of WUB.

“WUB International” has annually organized WUB International Conference in 9 regions (Brazil, Los Angeles, Okinawa, Tokyo, Bolivia, Hawaii, Argentina, Osaka, Peru, and Shanghai) since 1st meeting held in Hawaii in 1997.
One of great benefits WUB can bring is to enhance friendship and reliance among worldwide members through participating in such International conferences.

What is WUB Tokyo?

“WUB Tokyo” was established in 1999 and more than 70 members, with a great diversity backgrounds and professionals, have enjoyed involved in its activities. Many members of WUB Tokyo are individual members with high IT skills, and contribute to its activities by utilizing website as a communicational tool. This is one of community strengths of WUB Tokyo.

We welcome anyone who agree with WUB’s policy and the door is always opened for you, regardless of race, nationality, gender, age, occupations, and religion.
We are waiting for you who aspire to grow as a business person, give us impetus, and broaden your horizon in international setting.

WUB Tokyo office
Contact : FAX +81- 20-4623-5326

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なお、会長としてこれまで続けてきたMonday Morning Messageおよび「今週の書」等のメール・マガジン・メッセージは今日をもってひとまず終わらせて頂き、今後はこれまでコメント等頂いた方々に個別に送らさせて頂きます。長い間本当に有難うございました。

2004年4月23日 WUB東京 重田辰弥


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Greeting at the assumption of a presidency

To WUB Tokyo members

Spring comes as fresh green leaves grow brilliantly.
I wish you and your family’s good health and happiness.

At April 22, 2004, supported by committee members, I took over a presidential position after Mr. Shigeta resigned, who had served as an excellent leader for 2 consecutive terms since a launching stage of WUB Tokyo.

Although Mr. Shigeta who is an intelligent entrepreneur, had outperformed in his terms, I, as a new president, strongly aspire to contribute to our organization in a spirit of cordiality and with a forward-looking, Latin nature. I also hope to receive great support from members to promote WUB Tokyo activities.
Your opinion, idea, suggestion, or active involvement for development of WUB Tokyo would be welcomed as always.

Lastly, I highly appreciate Mr. Shigeta, my predecessor, for outstanding dedication and contribution to “WUB Tokyo” for long periods. It would be a great pleasure to receive your advice and I would expect you to continually supervise members as a supreme advisor.

Oscar Nagamine

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Greeting at the resignation from a president

To WUB Tokyo members

I resigned from a president of WUB Tokyo in which I had served since February 1999 as my term of office expired. Mr. Nagamine, present chief secretary, took over my position.

In assigned terms, I participated in WUB International Conferences at 5 times in Los Angeles, Okinawa, Tokyo, Bolivia, Hawaii, and in next 2 years, we plan to have great conferences held in Sounth America (Argentina and Peru).

I value both South America and Hawaii because both regions are considered origins of WUB.
No person as a president of “WUB Tokyo” other than Mr. Nagamine, who has roots in South America and alumnus of Banco do Brasil, can take significant leadership in this new, critical period. Please give your continuous support to Mr.Nagamine as same as you did for me.

Most memorable thing in assigned terms was (fifth) WUB International Conference held in Tokyo on October 2001, which I organized, gaining great support from many members and overcoming a shock of terrorism occurred at September 11.

I sincerely appreciate your supports which always back me up, especially during the time of above International Conference. Even after I resigned, I would be happy to support Mr. Nagamine, new president, as a member and the Supreme Supervisor.
For your reference, I would stop delivery of mail magazine messages including “Monday Morning Message” and “Column of the Week” after the resignation.

Again, thank you very much for your support.

April 23, 2004
WUB Tokyo, Tatsuya Shigeta

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2004年度総会 ご報告

                                         事務局長 三島康裕



99年のWUB東京設立以来、WUB関西の設立や「WUB世界大会」に奔走し、世界のWUB会員との架け橋として並々ならぬ力を尽くされた初代WUB東京会長、重田辰弥(㈱ 日本アドバンストシステム代表取締役社長)が2期4年の任務を果たし、会員の盛大な拍手に送られて満期終了に付き退任したことをご報告いたします。


新体制は特に大幅な変更はなく、副会長に大城友宏(沖縄ツーリスト㈱ 常務取締役)、三島康裕(昭和生化学㈱ 代表取締役、事務局長兼務)、菅原律子((有)菅原律子設計事務所 代表取締役)が就任致しました。また監事には引き続き小畑耕行(ディスターコンサルティング㈱ 取締役兼常務執行役員)、最高顧問に重田辰弥(㈱日本アドバンスシステム 代表取締役社長、)そして城間辰彦(沖縄タイムス社 東京支社長)と国吉克俊(琉球新報社 東京支社長)を顧問として再任、承認されました。


上記「WUB東京2004年度総会」に於きましてWUB東京の会長並びに、役員の新体制が整いWUB東京がセカンドステージを迎えたことをご報告するとともに、長嶺爲泰新会長の下 役員・理事共々新会長を支え、さらなるWUB東京の飛躍をお約束してご報告に代えさせて頂きます。



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2004年度総会 議事録

1.日時:  2004年4月22日(木) 午後19時~19時45分
2.場所:  霞ヶ関ビル 東海大学校友会館
3.出席者: 48名(内委任状28名)~有効会員数71名中68%の出席
議事 1.   「出席状況確認」
議事 2.   「2003年度WUB東京活動」
議事 3.   「2003年度会計報告」
議事 4.   「監査報告」
議事 5.   「役員の改選」
議事 6.   「2004年度活動計画および予算案」
長嶺 爲泰(会長)  ブラジル銀行OB
大城 友宏(副会長) 沖縄ツーリスト㈱常務取締役
伊禮 博        ㈱ニューズヴァリュ代表取締役
知花 弘和      アンデスインターナショナル㈱代表取締役
名嘉 幸照      ㈱東北エンタープライズ代表取締役
三島 康裕(副会長) 昭和生化学㈱代表取締役
菅原 律子(副会長) (有)菅原律子設計事務所代表取締役
平良 智広      NTTデータ
高宮城 悟      IT関連
金城 驍       東京沖縄県人会
屋良 朝男      光文堂印刷㈱
蝋山 由美      (有)ビプロ取締役アートディレクター
高倉 玲子      レイ・アンド・レイ代表取締役/古都首里オーナー
国吉 真理子     通訳
又吉 孝       チ・ボラグ音楽事務所
上原 秀樹      沖縄電力
下里 英俊      ㈱沖縄物産センター代表取締役
小畑 耕行 デイスターコンサルティング㈱ 取締役兼常務執行役員
重田 辰弥 ㈱日本アドバンストシステム 代表取締役社長
城間 辰彦 沖縄タイムス社 東京支社長`国吉 克俊 琉球新報社 東京支社長

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